Dirty Fuel is Your Engine’s
Worst Enemy

This unseen villain can rob your engine of power, accelerate wear of sensitive fuel system components and reduce fuel efficiency. Keeping your fuel and your fuel system clean should be a top priority, especially in construction, mining, and other dusty applications where higher horsepower engines are in use. With the higher injection pressures and closer tolerances of today’s diesel engines, clean fuel delivers maximum performance, productivity and service life.
Dangers of Fuel & Oil Contamination

Dangers of Fuel & Oil Contamination

Fuels and oils are transported from the refinery to the storage depots by tanker trucks, ships or pipelines. From there it is loaded into another tanker truck and delivered to your site. Every time fuels & oils are transferred from one tank to another, it not only transfers the fuel & oil but also the contaminants present that are deadly to today’s engines.

Modern Engines Demand Clean Fuel

Modern Engines Demand Clean Fuel

Progressive introduction of increasingly stringent emission standards have resulted in sophisticated diesel engines that require cleaner fuel than ever before to operate efficiently, due to injection pressures of more than 2000 BAR & extremely tight tolerances. In engines where precision is everything, you can’t risk the damage done by high-velocity microscopic contaminants.

Next Generation Preventive Maintenance

Smart Filtration Solutions is all about taking your preventive maintenance practices to the next level. Our goal is to help you protect your bulk fuel storage tanks, your fuel, and your expensive equipment by refusing entry of harmful contaminants. We offer Ultra High Efficiency Filters that fit on our innovative square tube manifolds & filter heads to accept high flow rates and extend service life.

Ultra High Efficiency Filtration

Enhanced Cleanliness – Optimum Performance

Ultra High Efficiency Filtration

We offer Ultra High Efficiency Filters that fit on our innovative square tube manifolds & filter heads to accept high flow rates and extend service life. Our solutions help you deliver clean fluids into your equipment and maximize your uptime. Designed for high flow rates and minimum pressure drop, our Ultra High Efficiency Filters form a strong line of defense in ensuring enhanced cleanliness of fluids.

We See Every Customer As A Partner

It’s why we have partnered with Donaldson for the highest quality filtration products on the market, why we offer robust service and why you can relax knowing that we will help eliminate unexpected downtime, loss of production and component replacement cost that is a constant battle between your maintenance efforts and the reality of critical equipment operation.

Become an Authorized Distributor

Donaldson Filtration Products

Smart Filtration Solutions also delivers a full line of Donaldson aftermarket fuel, lube, coolant and air intake filters for diesel engines, hydraulic and exhaust system components. Our strategic partnership with Donaldson helps us offer you shipping options from Dubai or Belgium. Smart Filtration Solutions has the right filters, contamination control products and capabilities to protect machinery and components in hundreds of applications – in the factory and on heavy-duty equipment.

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