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Solving Fuel & Oil Contamination Challenges

Smart Analysis Kit

Fluid analysis is a snapshot of what is happening inside your equipment. It tells you the condition of the fuel or lubricant and identifies component wear and contamination in virtually any application. The Smart Analysis Kit allows you to conduct immediate on-site particulate analysis in as little as ten minutes.

Using the patch test method, you can quickly and reliably assign a three-digit cleanliness code per ISO 4406-1999 to a given fluid sample. Simply pull a 25 mL fluid sample through a patch membrane filter and compare oil sample particle distribution with the Fluid Cleanliness Comparison Guide (included) to assign an ISO Cleanliness Code.

  • Use this kit to determine which systems need improved filtration
  • When improvements are made, use it to monitor the cleanliness status of the system.
  • A great alternative to expensive, portable electronic devices

Smart Analysis Kit​

The Smart Analysis Kit includes enough supplies for 100 fluid samples. All apparatus is securely packaged and well protected with foam in a sturdy carrying case.


Modern Engines Demand Clean Fuel

Progressive introduction of increasingly stringent emission standards have resulted in sophisticated diesel engines that require cleaner fuel than ever before to operate efficiently, due to injection pressures of more than 30,000 PSI and extremely tight tolerances. In engines where precision is everything, you can’t risk the damage done by high-velocity microscopic contaminants. At 30,000 PSI (2000 BAR), every unfiltered particle acts almost like a tiny sandblaster, eroding the injector, creating inefficient spray- patterns and potentially over-fueling the engine. A fouled injector doesn’t spray fuel efficiently and may lead to improper idle, irregular fuel distribution, unsuitable exhaust emissions and poor fuel economy.